9 de fevereiro de 2010

Jenson Rhodes - The Creator of Alternative Rock

In November of 1969, a 16 year old named Jenson Rhodes recorded an hour of original music in Woodstock, New York, that would stand as the earliest incarnation of what would come much later in the music revolution. His very un-60's, heavy driving, psychedelic acoustic rock and roll resembled more like what would arrive over 20 years later in 90's alternative music.
For whatever reason, Jenson Rhodes and his music have never seen the light of day. Never published or released during his life, 2 1/4'' tape reels containing his work remained hidden with his personal effects in the basement of a family member until their recovery in September 2007. Rhodes died from unspecified causes in 1992. His music career never lasted past his teens.

Site Oficial - Jenson Rhodes
16 year old Jenson Rhodes - 1969
Jenson Rhodes - Pop Mix
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3 Comentários:

Moderador / Albeяt ॐ disse...

16 year old Jenson Rhodes - 1969
1 I Can't Have You
2 Lie To Me
3 If You Love me
4 You Got To Move
5 How Does It Feel
6 Hot Shit
7 I Listen To You
8 Wait For Me To Come
9 Soulmate download
10 Leaving Me High

Moderador / Albeяt ॐ disse...

1 "Never To Be" (Pop Mix)
2 "Waiting Here" (Pop Mix)
3 "I Am Your Love" (Pop Mix)
4 "She's Taken It All" (Pop Mix)
5 "When She Makes Love" (Pop Mix)
6 "Some Other Guy" (Pop Mix)

Jenson Rhodes disse...

NEW Rhodes record UP: http://www.purevolume.com/jensonrhodes

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